Hey everyone. I just finished the first batch of orders and I’m really excited about them. They all look really incredible and all the customers seems to enjoy it. Thank you!

Also, just like to inform that the orders are open. Follow the rules page and order when you’re ready. 😀

Yes! You read it right. We have updated our prices and most of our orders are now FREE! We had a few orders in the past, but a new era it’s coming to our website, and we certainly do need a portfolio makeover.

If you have a website needing a new layout, just place an order! The wordpress layout is very similar to this one you’re seeing right here, and I bet you won’t regret our coppermine themes as well.

There is nothing much you need before placing an order, just make sure to follow the rules, and, please, one free order only at time!

I am really excited to work with you guys! <3

Hello all, and welcome to Raincoat Designs, your newest source for HQ and extra cheap designs. We believe in fansites and we want to provide a good service with a cheap price. It’s good to see that you’re might be interested in ordering one of our packages. You can find the list of all the packages available clicking here. But before ordering, make sure you read the rules.

As a starting business, we are offering a free coppermine theme for all the hostees from Free Fansite Hosting, which hosts us at this very moment. And also, a 50% off on the WordPress theme (you only pay $5!).

If you’re not a FFH hostee, don’t be sad, there will be new promotions on the future that you’ll be able to join. But for now, they’re exclusive to FFH members only. And hurry up because it’s for a very limited time.

What are you waiting for? Order now!